Monday, March 12, 2012

Patty Smith will give a concert in Rome at the music festival

Patty Smith will give a concert in Rome at the music festival "in July sounds good."

After Italy during the episode enchanting duet from Sanremo Festival in 2012, reviewing the footage September paired with Marlene Kuntz, Patty Smith in concert back in our country during the summer.
This will be the event "in July Sounds Good" to welcome Patty Smith in concert in Rome, accompanied by his band: the show is scheduled on the night of July 20 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome Cavea.
It's been five years since the High Priestess of Rock entertained the audience on the occasion of a recent edition of the Roman "in July sounds good", satisfy the audience with music, poetry, but especially with the charismatic and full of natural character of the magnet.
Eclectic like some other figures of contemporary rock music, riding comfortably for thirty years the world of music, but also the freedom of art in its broadest sense, a leading figure in the intellectual level, in the round.
Ticket prices have not been made ​​official for the Patti Smith concert in Rome: he will probably know more when the bill of artists participating in "July sounds good" is defined almost entirely.